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10/4/21 The Katies, Andy Howell Memorial Gig, The Station Kings Heath
21/4/22 Katie Stevens and Aaron Olwell, Surge in Spring, (Mac Birmingham) 
30/4/22 Bonfire Radicals, Crich Live, (Live and Local Derbyshire) 
02/5/22 Bonfire Radicals, Cheltenham Jazz Festival, 
04/5/22 Bonfire Radicals, Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham, 

13/5/22 Bonfire Radicals, Harborough Magnor Village Hall (Live and Local Warwickshire)

21/5/22 Bonfire Radicals, Reepham and Cherry Willingham Village Hall, (Live and Local Lincolnshire)
27/7/22 Private function

28/7/22 Private function

4/6/22 Destroyers, Fire in the Mountain Festival

11/6/22 Private Function

18/6/22 Bonfire Radicals, Beardy Festival

26/6/22 Bonfire Radicals, Festival to be announced

03/7/22 Calypso Moon, Festival with no name

24/7/22 Destroyers, Nozstock Festival
28/7/22 Destroyers, Event to be announced

29/7/22 Destroyers, Hare and Hounds, Birmingham

08/7/22 Private function

04/09/22 Bonfire Radicals, Moseley Folk Festival

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